Ski Lodge Decorating

The better your property looks on the web, the better it rents.  More nights.  Higher Rates.  Better clientele.

Exceptional interiors outperform.

When it's time to upgrade your older, dated, interior our Ski Lodge Decorating team is organized to help you get more for your money.

We're wholesale buyers of interior furnishings.  We have our own painters and craftsman.  We own our own picture frame shop.  We can fabricate rustic decor items to enhance the look of your ski lodge interior.  

From the paint on the ceiling to the plates on the table, Ski Lodge Decorating is the only fully integrated design and decor team in the Snowshoe area.

Step 1:  Modernize the condition of the interior of the stucture.   Ceilings, walls, floors, overhead lighting and fans.

  • Paint the ceiling.  
  • Install stylish, rustic ceiling lights and fans. 
  • Paint the walls in complimentary colors to enhance the "cabin in the mountains" feel.  
  • Select colors which bring the outdoors inside.
  • Use wallpaper and accent colors on certain walls.
  • Install new and durable floor surfaces.

Step 2:  Bring kitchens and bathrooms up to date

New kitchens and bathrooms aren't cheap.  We know that.  But they don't have to be outrageously expensive.

Our team has the sources and personnel to effectively create kitchens and bathrooms suitable for a rental property and do it within a reasonable price range.  

Your most desireable guests will demand first rate facilities.  Happily, they're willing to pay sharply higher rental rates to enjoy those amenities.

Finally, furnish, decorate and equip with the best brand names.

Our buyers have access to a fantastic assortment of cabin/rustic furniture and accessories with which to help you create a warm and comfortable ski resort setting.

Set your property up to exactly fit the preferred guest profile you want as renters and that's what you'll get as guests.  Families with kids?  Design living, dining and sleeping areas perfect for a family.  Select furniture and bedding which is appropriate for a couple, some girls and some boys.  

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